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# 1 Premades vs PUG teams in PVP
11-12-2010, 12:33 AM
How bout doubling the PVP ques in game already and making the second set where people can not be on a team in game already; as in not letting teamed up people even in those ques or dividing up the teams when the game starts? Example of the dividing, a five member teams ques for this PUG only que, when the game actually starts, two of the five are removed from that team and are actually put on the other side of the match than the three others of the team [no way to divide it evenly with five just so you know].

Why you may ask?

Cause it's very unfair for a 4-5 member team, who are likely on a voice server if they are also likely in the same fleet, to face off against 5 people on the enemy team, who may not even bother to team up in the first place, who got in randomly on the same team side.

If premades wanted a fair fight, they would just challenge other premades, more like fleet battles of premades, than just join in the que and more than likely run up against 5 random people. And if they are just doing their daily PVP's together, then how bout doing it like the rest of the players and just queing up alone? And if their firends or fleeties are wanting to play together, there's always queing up at the same time so that they could be in the same match together, with the random-ness of a 50/50 shot of being on the same side.

PS, this is more for FvF, maybe KvK too, PVP's. A premade fed team vs a random or another premade klingon team would be more challenging for them than a random fed team against them; since klingons work well together better than feds do in PVP's.