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11-12-2010, 02:17 AM
Originally Posted by B-ryan777 View Post
Its a great idea Chef and you've given it tons and tons of hard work. I'm not gonna recopy all my feedback from when it was in development cause you have incorporated most of it but my biggest thing was my in system starbase idea. I didn't see it in your wall o text and you or Cryptic are welcome to use or trash it.

When your faction owns all the possible mining platform spaces in a system (ground and space), you would then be able to construct a starbase. The starbase would then provide extra defense for the system and depending on what type of starbases we'd make these they'd provide extra defense and then that system would officially become Federation territory. This could possibly then be the staging point of possible first contact or diplomacy missions (something for the Federation Ambassadors to do). The starbases would also have to be maintained, although not as much as fleet bases.

However this system could be taken back by the opposing faction. This would have to require a minimum of like 50 people or something to essentially raid the system (and once they attack a notice would go out to all people of the same faction to aid in the fight). Then the defending faction would receive a warning that a Federation system was being attacked and then players would travel there to defend it. The starbase itself would have some NPC defenses (ships and turrets) but not enough so that it can defend itself against a massive raid. What would follow next would be an epic space battle (with necessarily no time limit) where the attacking faction would either try to destroy the starbase and at least half of the space mining platforms (easy route) or they could choose to completely take over the entire system by destroying all the mining platforms and capturing the starbase (hard route). The latter would be like a SB 24 kinda thing where you fight your way to the base send like half of your force down while the rest stay in space to defend you. You would then have to take over vital areas of the station and force the occupying faction to flee. However members of the defending faction can also beam down to defend the base. The battle would be over once the base was captured and the platforms destroyed. If the defending faction successfully repels the attackers then nothing really changes but if the attackers win they either take control of the base and can construct new platforms(if they went the hard route) or they get half of the system's platforms and the defenders get the other half (if they just destroyed the base).
Sorry about that B,

I was up 36 hours finishing this post.

If in some way there could be a trigger mechanism like you mention, that when one faction has TOTAL control over a mining system, to where they can form some time of base or blockade, that would be ideal.

It would be taking it to the next level of Territory Control.

Ideally as well, when they expand exploration to deep space, new resource maps could include species which each Faction could then open up negotiations (fed side) or raids (kdf side) for the rights to mine or build starbases in their areas.

Having a system on "Lockdown" as you mention, would be a great additional level of immersion. It would force players to come up with keen strategies to ensure no one side controls a single system to prevent them from building a defensive outpost there...And hence force them to lay siege on the Outpost before returning to warring over the resources being protected.