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11-12-2010, 03:44 AM
This is something that was discussed previously. A big challenge is the question - does the population even support this? Otherwise, "Premades" would just be forced into the regular queue and just deal with the fact that sometimes they are split up and sometimes not.

Against an average PuG, you don't even need a Premade against you too lose. It can be enough to have 2 good players working together.

It is definitely something more for FvF, as you say yourself.
Of course, in FvK it is definitely useless - the teams can't be split up. (And KvK sucks at thematically - theoretically there are two different houses supposed to fight here! Of course, the existing Queue doesn't care for that, either.)

Another approach could just be to have a player ranking system so that Queue can try to group players of similar skill levels. (The ranking would probably need to be based on wins and losses of matches, and not on DPS or healing. The latter would be a full 100 % useless ranking.)