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11-12-2010, 04:31 AM
Originally Posted by stargek View Post
Let the cry and the whine of the feddies begin
It's only fair that klingons get their new ships. I based it on the ship chart of spidermitch. I don't see a lot ships for the counterpart of the vice admiral.

And yes PvP will get more difficult with that new battle cloack but don't forget you must be in range to fire. Plus when you fire the Feds will see weaponfire coming from nothing. Surely they'll send a science ship with cloak countermeasures in range of the klingonvessel.

I'm not into PvP, I'm doing first the PvE missions, perhaps I'm going to PvP later in the game. A saying in Dutch is (translated directly) The best helmsman are standing on the shore. I'm sure everbody nows what I meant to say with it.

But perhaps there will be whiners we'll see.