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How to fix um and why

#1 Satellite Podarge

1) Realign solar panel array
why becasue the power went out and the panels dropped.
2) Replace damaged fuse's
why so the power can flow again. So you can adjust the other things that need power
3) Alter electro plasma flow rate
why becasue powers on, and it's time to calabrate flow.
4) Initialize subspace dampening field
why time to adjust the signal it's sending out in subspace.

#2 Satellite Ocypete
1) Upgrade Radiometric converter
why becasue repair the non powered system first
2) Patch computer matrix
why fix the damaged computer core
3)Replace capacitance cell
why turn on the power

#3 Satellite Aello
1) Send crew over
2) Battle True way
3) Beam back repair crew