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Greetings, my name is Jason, and I am nearly 25 years old from Columbus, Ohio. Like Star Trek most of my life, and have been a fan of MMOs since around 2000.

Anyways, I started playing STO on day one, and played for about a month. I had stopped playing only because my friends of whom I played with stopped playing, but I really liked it, and wanted to continue. I would like to join a fleet to play casually and such. I have experience in a few other MMORPGs. I have had some success in PSO, PSU, and ****, and a large amount of success in WoW, where I was a raid leader and guild master. My experience in STO lead me to a Commander 1 rank, with an Akira class ship. However, I will most likely make a new character and level it up from there to relearn what I have forgotten.

What I am looking for in a fleet:

- Active members.
- Friendly atmosphere. (I am relearning this game, and I play competitively...I will ask questions often to improve myself.)
- Mature players.
- Ventrilo preferred.
- Federation preferred, not mandatory.

What I bring to the table:

- Confident, competitive player.
- Experienced member of a raiding guilds / clans for years.
- Well mannered, humorous mentality. I love cracking jokes and having fun with those I play with.

If these traits fit in your fleet and you want a player like myself, please reply to this thread. Thank you in advance!