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11-12-2010, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by Kinjiru View Post
Again, the possibilities are endless. So is it a big request, yep... but using a lot of what already exists, it could solve one of the largest problems plaguing this game. I love STO, and Cryptic for making it... this could help me help them make the greatest game ever.
Or the worst game ever. I don't think that user generated exploration maps are necessarily the way to go. That's a lot of content and, frankly, I prefer Genesis to user generated content in that respect.

I think that as foundry develops we will ultimately be able to craft systems and locations from scratch, but I'm okay with waiting. I'd like to get some experience with the program and the engine before I start building things.

Also, please visit this thread for some info about environment building

And this one about someone else's idea for exploration content