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11-12-2010, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by faithborn
PvP in STO is something where you've got to know what you're doing and one person can screw things up for the whole team. It takes work to learn or to train someone to be good and most people don't want to do that for a game that rewards you for defecting in the Prisoner's Dilemma.

I wrote out my idea for team queues in another thread. One of the big things though, was that you should not be rewarded equally for both winning and losing. I think I might clarify and expand on them and put them in a new thread.
The other day in an arena match there were 2 cruisers that just kept flying into the fray of 4 KDF players over and over again. I can only believe prisoner's dilemma as reason....they wanted the emblems quickly to go off and do something else. They werent trying to save a teammate, they werent trying to stay in a group and werent trying to distract us, the KDF, as we were the main group. They just wanted to die enough to end the match vs the desire of other teammates who prolly were hoping to try and win.

Finally, it's downright ludicrous to tell premade players "you shouldn't be allowed to queue with you and your friends for any PvP match" you want, and expect us only to play other fleet premades all the time. It takes a level of organisation and scheduling to set up decent fleet vs. fleet matches, and it simply cannot be done constantly.

Premade PvPers tend to be voracious in their appetite for PvP - they want to do it nearly all the time they're logged in. Fleets will have PvP groups running all through primetime, with people dropping in and out as they come and go on- and off-line. You cannot set up enough premade vs. premade matches to feed that appetite. And moreover, sometimes, as much of a joy as the challenge of another good premade is (win or lose), you just want a nice bit of casual, mindless pew-pew. The queues are perfect for that.
At the same time, the OP post is selfish to this point. would adding a special queue for premades be desirable.....maybe. Should they get standard rewards for doing it....maybe. Should they be broken up because premade's own pugs in nearly every match....NEVER.
Even if the premade is trying to teach 1 or 2 new fleeties into the whole ordeal of the premade pvp. Kudo's to them. Furthermore, penalizing friends in a fleet from actually doing something together is Ludicrous. God only knows there isnt enough teamwork in is so easy to solo you have no real reason to team up anyways.