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11-12-2010, 11:29 AM
Originally Posted by SP3CTREnyc
Or the worst game ever. I don't think that user generated exploration maps are necessarily the way to go. That's a lot of content and, frankly, I prefer Genesis to user generated content in that respect.

I think that as foundry develops we will ultimately be able to craft systems and locations from scratch, but I'm okay with waiting. I'd like to get some experience with the program and the engine before I start building things.

Also, please visit this thread for some info about environment building

And this one about someone else's idea for exploration content
Maybe... but I don't see how Genesis created empty worlds with cookie cutter mobs could possibly be better than hand created content. I think a lot of us are selling ourselves short. As evidence, look at all of the user created fanfic, user created mods, images, models... for any genre really. Sure, there's some average, or downright bad stuff, but pretty much any of it beats a randomly generated cookie-cutter experience.

Really, compare Genesis content to user created FarCry2 maps. Of course there are some terrible maps, but the *worst* of them easily beat a randomly generated one as far as playability goes, and they're a heck of a lot more interesting, even if you just want to walk around and explore the map. Genesis *can't* do that for us.

And multiply that by thousands... of course every world or system wouldn't be great, but just the possibility of seeing something different excites me... not to mention the idea that a person could create entire protagonist and antagonist races, with planets, trade routes, rivalries, bases... As opposed to the same 100m x 100m world with a path, 5 clickies and some generic plants and buildings, and let's not forget the flowing-lava-rocks.

Anyway, I think ultimately too many of us are far too limiting in what we think the devs, or ourselves can do, or would do, given the chance.