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11-12-2010, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by fire-breath
And yes PvP will get more difficult with that new battle cloack but don't forget you must be in range to fire. Plus when you fire the Feds will see weaponfire coming from nothing. Surely they'll send a science ship with cloak countermeasures in range of the klingonvessel.

Actually ... I believe when a cloaked BoP (refit) fires a weapon, it decloaks for about 5 seconds.

Toss in that NOW the Nebula will show its use as well as the fact that if you can lock onto a cloaked ship firing (during that narrow window) .... it will cause them to lose their cloak.

I know this as the Breen used it on me while I was testing on tribble.

Suddenly ... Sci ships and their captains get a bit more glory.