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# 1 Starbase 24 ... WTF?
11-12-2010, 02:42 PM
I currently have a Lieutenant 8 and this mission is ridiculous. My friend had played through it a week ago and kept *****ing for hours about how difficult it was. I finally got around to trying it tonight. After entering the fleet battle and helping to defeat 50 Klingon fighters and 20 Klingon warships, then beaming onto the station and rescuing 6 scientists (and dying a good two dozen times in the process), I finally completed that section and beamed back onto my ship, where the game crashed. After reloading the game, I have to start the mission all over again?

Granted, the fleet portion might rely more on fighting when the server's busy.
Granted, I might still be too low of a level.
Granted, the game crashing might've been bad luck on my part.

But considering that I spent 2 hours only to have no progress left in the mission, I think this mission is too time-consuming. With patrol missions, they're broken down into parts. Now, should I complete 2 of 5 sectors to patrol, then log off, my progress will be saved when I log back on. Why is it different for Starbase 24?

Also, I tried searching for a topic on "Starbase 24" but met with the following error: "The search term you specified (24) is under the minimum word length (3) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer. " So that's why I created a new topic. Any agreements/disagreements, suggestions, warnings of similar missions or whatever are welcome, because I'm tempted to abandon the mission for better (and probably more rewarding) missions.