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11-12-2010, 06:00 PM
Originally Posted by Duzell
Thank you I look forward to playing, were there always one server only? I thought there was a PVP server at one point. Don't tell me the game is dying Even with an EQ like crowd I would be happy.
Yes, STO is dying just like EVE is dying. And this "crowd" is significantly more active and visible than the remnants of EQ's playerbase (and I say that as an active subscriber & player of EQ - Torv..err Fennin...errr Cazic Thule server). This game isn't as fragmented as EQ's, for one.

Originally Posted by Revlot
Everything is in the game for a reason. Your first few toons will be tossed before you get half way through with them as you learn better ways to use your toon abilities.
Hmm, I think this depends on if you've done any research on the game prior to playing it (which in this case, your advice seems to apply). Tarania's my first character and she's never been rerolled (I haven't even respec'd her ever).

Originally Posted by MichaelReb
A thought comes to mind... is there an 'economy' in the game? Say, I craft an item to re-sell ?
Safe flying to all...
Yes, the game has quite a robust economy, in fact. However, crafting might not be the best way to get involved in it. In some cases, the game mirrors WoW's economy in that sometimes, the mats to make an item sell for more than the completed item itself. I'd recommend you start smaller, selling the aforementioned foods and doing the buy low/sell high thing. Without the outpost, it's a bit grindier but it's still very doable.