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# 1 When will interiors get love?
11-12-2010, 06:19 PM
ok, love the new costumes that are coming to the c-store, but wish you guys could add the others into the calendar, even if you mark the listing "tentative". My wallet and my budget hate your guts and have already started cursing you. :p

Now that you've exhausted almost all uniform options (except for the much coveted pc gamer cover, which should be a veteran reward)., when will we get some interiors for our ships?

i personally can't wait to get my hands on the original series bridge, but why not expand from there. we have 3-4 main interior set pieces from 4 series on only the federation side. that makes 12-14 packs easily, and gves you the marketing option of "bundles:. example:

1) tos bridge, med bay, engineering
2) tng bridge, ready room, engineering, med bay and as a bonus for the bundle, throw in 10-foreward, shuttle bay or jefferies tubes.
3) voayger bridge, ready room, engineering, med bay, and shuttle bay.
4) Enteriprise bridge, ready room, med bay.

take the above list, transfer over for Klingon content, and start working on the content for the next faction, or maybe some original concepts for say the Excalibur, or maybe even Ferengi and Vulcan ships.

Just my 2 cents,