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11-12-2010, 07:57 PM
Originally Posted by StormShade
Our final Devidian Episode, "Night of the Comet," begins tomorrow, Saturday November 13, at 11 a.m. PST (17:00 UTC)!

Even help from old friends may not be enough to stop the Devidian threat in time.

All released episodes for our second weekly series, "The Devidians," can be found in the Eta Eridani Sector Block. Players will be hailed by a member of their faction's intelligence agency upon entering the sector block. This will be the finale for the Devidian Series.
If I may make a suggestion for the current episode? It'd be cool if Klingons got told (possibly by one's officers) to try to stun everyone ("We may not be allowed to kill them, but we will defeat and stun every single one of them! Great songs will be sung about this!", f.ex), as opposed to a poor Klingon player thinking he has to avoid all combat, begrudgingly doing it, and finding himself without an accolade for his troubles.

On another note, it really grated on me that weapons from the past did more damage than weapons from the future. Those old phasers need to be toned down. Replace them with more enemies or something, but getting one-shotted on elite by a tactical NPC with a centuries-old weapon shooting through shields they didn't have back then just doesn't seem right. I mean, I was able to handle it with crowd control but it still felt

Anyway, thanks for these episodes, they're still rather nice.