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11-13-2010, 03:07 AM

What I really want is a Sovereign upgrade of some kind. Maybe universal officer slots? And I do like the new Gorn carrier design, but I ain't playing a Klingon until the war ends. I have enough of a problem fighting Klingons as a Fed and I really don't want to kill Feds. If people want a Carrier, it's going to happen and I think a Starfleet looking Battlestar would just plain be awesome. I more-so want it for the design and the expanded play style.

What needs to happen is the Tier 5 Cruisers need to be modified so that they are so different from each other and all the ships that they're more enjoyable to play with. But unfortunately it's either one is science and one is tactical and the tactical one kinda sucks. In fact, they both suck and the Dreadnaught, oh please don't get me started on THAT failure of a starship. Someone please Refit the Sovereign! In fact, I'm going to start a thread.