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11-13-2010, 05:50 AM
Originally Posted by MichaelReb
....A thought comes to mind... is there an 'economy' in the game? Say, I craft an item to re-sell ?
Safe flying to all...
The economy is not so important here in this game. You can get good gear by may different ways.
Badges, medals, marks and emblems will get you everything you need for PvE. (might have to do a little shopping for PvP But not much)
Note that stuff you get with badges etc.. is bind on equip. So you can re-sell it if you want.

By Captain level most of my toons will have around 750,000EC to 1,000,000EC just buy selling most of my stuff at a vendor(50% of list) or the replicator (40% of list).

if you have an uncommon or better item, you will want to check the exchange to see if it is worth more.

And has been pointed out-Food for Tribble breeders and anomalies for crafting are always in demand just check the exchange to get an Idea of current prices.