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11-13-2010, 08:58 AM
hmm well, going though most answers.....and they did give us a is kinda a
good news, bad news kinda will get better over time.

Bad news, gotta use pre-made interior and ground maps...might have a lot to choose from.
That will limit what we can do at the start, but the good news will make it a small thing.

The good news, we can use most game maps to include real public areas..and copies of current
game maps that we can modify (place stuff).
Also there will be some star fleet exterior building available at launch.

So if you wanted to make you own star will have to use a copy of a current SB,
however you can place what you want in it. Not perfect but useable.

Also, if you wanted to make an adventure of can put it on Vulcan...the public one.
very cool.