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11-13-2010, 10:08 AM
a couple of considerations

1. STO needs content more than CO <I think> and cryptic knows it.

2. If I were to say, which of the 2 games has potential to grow more...STO
there are going to be more movies.....CO, what movies?

3. If there is a 'limit' missions that go public might be taken off the limit list. main reason: do you
want a player to delete a mission other players are currently in...just to open up a new slot ??
...ya ok, we killed the mobs now on to the starbase to arest the spy....bonk, sorry this
mission no longer exists................................problem?

4. there will be some kinda limit on non-published projects...they do take up memory and then you
have the folks that start a bunch of stuff then leave it...forever.

5. interestingly need to create a toon for use the guessing
that the toon you make will have X number of available project slots. If you dedicate a second
test toon...that toon MIGHT also have its own set of project slots. But not sure.