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11-13-2010, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by Xilr
If Im not mistaken the quest text is wrong even. I thought Scotty mentioned she liked Cold drinks (in fact I remember him saying she sips them too slow and they dont stay cold enough).... But Cold is the wrong answer!

Needs hotfix.

Will frustrate the hell out of the 5% of the people who wont just look up the answer online.. heh
Scotty said she "appreciated that the drink was supposed to be served cold, but she always nursed her drinks and the coldness dissipated" or something to that effect. He also says that she really liked bloodwine because it was warm.

I got it in 2 tries, mostly because I misinterpreted that she wanted the drinks really strong.

I did encounter a couple bugs though. On the first attempt at entering the lounge to rescue the hostages, the door couldn't be targeted, so I couldn't blow it up. Exited the mission and reentered, the mission was still at that same point, but the bar patrons had respawned, were shooting at each other again, and were invincible to my attacks (though not to each others' for some reason).

Also, during the initial space combat, my weapons weren't converted to disruptor visuals, but they were after I returned to my ship. And I'm not sure if the sound effects were supposed to be switched to disruptor effects as well, but they weren't.