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11-13-2010, 02:05 PM
This mission was fun up until the drink part. After that it really went downhill.
And when you beam back out... "Don't disturb the timeline, destroy stuff before you get overrun!"
So I'm thinking fine, kill asteroid really fast. PFFT. I died SO many times. And when I'm finally down to ~1 asteroid rubblething left and 3 D7 plus the named, the named just explodes. I DID NOT TOUCH HIM >< Actually, just prior to this, I targeted him while I was dead, and he had 100% hull and shields.
So I'm told I fail. And have to do it again (F THAT). And I return to the present, and complete the mission.... >_>

So. Too many D7s. A klingon that kills himself for fun. And a failed mission that didn't fail. All that (I'm pretty upset right now from all that struggling) for more ground weapons. After getting icicle gun and triolic fungun already, 2 more. And a cane?

Which reward is exclusive for Season 2, as in which don't we get next season? Just want to know if I wanna bother with this on my other 2 toons.