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11-13-2010, 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by Omedarcus
I liked it until the end; kept dying by the klingon ships and took forever to destroy the comet. The thing is I accidentally killed B'vat and destroyed the comet, so I changed history but it's not reflected in the game
Yeah, the key is do not stand and fight, hit and run

EDIT: >> spoiler: highlight black text to see >> actually fighting is a viable option as long as you kill each spawn group *fast* before the next lot appear or it is very easy to get overwhelmed... but it is doable... just ignoring grumpy old Whatshisface and try not to shoot him as he cannot kill you alone unless you suck beyond belief... and you are not supposed to blow him up or the timeline will change... and as well all know, God kills a kitten every time you change the timeline, so that would be... bad)

But if you lack the dps for that... kite the Klingons away en mass from the comet/comet bits then circle back fast to destroy the pieces before the Klingons catch up with you again... rinse and repeat until you get all the bits