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11-13-2010, 06:15 PM
No one is tormenting you. TOS is nearly my favorite series, so I am a bug fan of it. ANd completely understand why you cant do all that crap you are whinging about. If you are in a fact a true fan of trek you too will understand. TOS stuff is outdated, obviously, the fact the cant stand up to modern ships, is obvious. And it shouldnt. I you were watching TNG and saw a TOS era Connie in a large battle, holdings its own like its a Galaxy, blasting away at Cardies, or roms with no explanation, wouldnt you think that would be a bit odd? Same goes for the game. It's the 25th century guys, not the 23rd, big time difference.

It's like a WWII Spitfire, going up against an F-14 Raptor. It would die rather expediently. And now, same with the connie. If you want to fly go ahead, but OF COURSE your going to die. It just makes sense!!