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11-13-2010, 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by B-ryan777 View Post
This ^ One that looks like DS9 too, please!

And yeah with lockdown you'd almost be making it (if it wasn't already) open PvP. So with this we not only fix crafting but then we get open PvP too. Killing 2 bajorans with one stone ftw! Now if only we can incorporate exploration in here too lol
Yes, the Resource Maps are open pvp.

Any player of any level or rank may enter the map.

Perhaps there would need to be some sort of auto-balance.


No auto-balance, and lower level players had better bring some "back up" with them, when entering a system.

As for the Bajoran Ore Processing Station...

I've not done the cost breakdown and power drain estimates for Cardassian Economics =P

Maybe with the faction expansions when they roll out.