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11-13-2010, 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by Lysander_X View Post
Except the B'Rel.

And every D-7 we've ever seen.

And the Connie in Night of the Comet.

And the Mirandas in levelled encounters.

And every single other time TOS shows up, ever, since the beginning of the game.
First off, the Brel is NOT a TOS era Vessel

Second the D-7 is talked about as "Still being in use dispite its age because of its rugged sturdy design"

That is stupid! Everyone said "Isnt that ship overpowered?" Because it IS!

That is AGAIN idiotic because they are FRIGATES and there are three of them because they are so weak. Also, level NPCs is irrelevant to the argument.

To vague to comment.