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11-13-2010, 07:58 PM
while the last 2 episodes of the Devidian series are top quality, i do have a bit of a moan about the rewards.

for last weeks featured ep, your prize pretty much only catered to science and cruiser ships, since a beam array is only going to kill the DPS in an escort. my suggestion for the future is that when you dish out a weapon like that, that you take escorts into consideration, and help maintain a high DPS by throwing in an optional dual beam bank.

as for the 2 guns- i chose the disruptor, primarily because of knockback, and it had higher dps all round. I have noticed that using these weapons isnt anywhere near as fun as using the CRM 200 or the prototype proton rifle. they also have less of a kick than what the guns had when they were being used against us. while i can understand that is necessary for PvP, i still felt a little bummed out that i had just a regular damage pistol and rifle with a rare marking

good effort though, and i look forward to the arrival of the next featured ep series