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11-13-2010, 08:04 PM
i loved it i ran it on difficult first time no deaths barely attacked the D7's you move 30km from the roids on a diagnal path when the d7's get to 15 you move true y or x from them on the z plain then approach took 3 passes in an escort.

talk to scotty for the drink got it the first time was easy, but the dialogue from scotty was funny to read. wish the voice was there instead..........hint

i was hoping to do the ring travel again that was very fun and well thought out. the just warp kinda took from it.

all in all great f'n job with the weeklies, keep up the good work.

one last thing i am usually not a fan of time travel in star trek, bust seeing the charectors from the show is awsome. even if you couldn't get the actors from the Origional series i wouldn't mind the actors who did the new movie.