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11-13-2010, 10:42 PM
There are a lot of variables to consider

1. In the end, how many players write missions. If it is a ton of them...expect low caps
If it is a handful of players...they might loosen up on the caps

2. If a mission becomes public...will it be removed from your limit ? There are at least 3
classifications of UGC..1, the stuff we have not published yet, 2 the published, 3 the ones they
decide to make public (is now treated as a regular mission, not placed in the UGC tab)

3. Will it be tied to the number of test characters you dedicate to created content ? You get
upto 2 character slots for created guessing one fed, and one klingon...if you
offer up both slots (they come off your normal character slots) do you get twice as many
mission slots?

4. Can you earn more slots? Buy them with latnum ? Energy credits? (doubt it) merits? ect..

5. can you buy them in the C-store ?

6. will vet rewards add more?

LOTS of variables