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11-14-2010, 04:04 AM
Originally Posted by faithborn
whats the command to bind out a phrase to a key? I need to make some quick commands for when I'm not in ventrilo
/bind F5 c zone hello world!
F5 "c zone hello world!"
if you are using a bind file.

"C" is the command to chat, "ZONE" specifies which channel you want, and the rest is the message. My usage of this is in a command like:

Y "c Team Focus fire on >>$Target<<"
This command directs members of my team to focus on my target.

the $Target line prints the name of your current target in the message so might look something like
"Team Focus fire on >>Faithborn<<"

Another one I have although I rarely use is
H "c team I need a heal!!"

If you wanted you could script a running commentary for everything you do.
"Trogdor fires on Faithborn"
"Trogdor looses a volley of torpedos in your chops"
"Trogdor evasives outta sight!"
"Trgodor uses Hazard emitters on squishy escort"
"Pow right in the kisser"

etc... Though that might be a bit excessive aye?

On a related note, I am trying to bind the line /PvPreport to a key, but when I use it, it literally just prints "/PvPreport" with a space at the front, preventing it from working as a command. Any ideas people?
As i write this, I am also wondering if there is a difference between upper and lower case? I am not at my machine (At work right now) so I don't know off the top of my head.