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Attack Patterns Beta I vs Delta I
Results calculated over a 5 minute (300 second period) assuming you use the attack pattern once the cool down comes off (ie: key bind to FireAll).

Beta I
10sec active on yourself
2x5sec active on enemy target with -24 all damage resistance -90 stealth
10klm range
30sec cool down
Combined usage over 5min: 1min 40secs [33%] (used 10 times in 5mins)

Delta I
15sec active on yourself or ally for +24 all damage resistance
3x5sec active on any enemy targeting you -24 all damage debuff
10klm range
45sec cool down
Combined usage over 5min: 1min 40sec [33%] (used 6 - 7 times in 5mins)

I'm posting this for A. to see if I understand it right, and B. to see if anyone has anything useful to add, especially when it comes to Delta. It seems Delta is the one BO power that nobody knows about or talks about, and I got a little tired searching the forum for the answers I need.