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11-14-2010, 09:46 AM
Beta and Delta are both good skills.

Beta debuffs your target... for anyone shooting at them
Delta Debuffs your attacker... for anyone shooting at them

Levels of Beta and Delta stack... meaning Delta 1 and Delta 2 can be on the same target... but only one of each level can apply.

Delta debuffs for the same amount as the protection... +24 for you... -24 for the attacker.

Delta can be cast on team mates. Meaning if a team mate is being focus fired you can cast delta on them and give them the protection and their attackers will get the debuff.

Delta has a long cool down to make up for the fact that it will give both defense and the SAME offense if used properly as beta.

Summing it up Beta is best for Alphas... it is also great for a focus firing team... as its easy to apply it to a second target if the first goes down quickly.

Delta is a great defensive skill... if you end up in a tractor beam getting pounded it will replace some of the defensive value your target has taken from you and de buff them for your counter.

Both great skills. Beta is easier to use to full effect... delta can be a game changer if used well, but it takes more finesse and battle awareness.