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11-15-2010, 02:55 AM
Yeah, photonic fleet makes me think of the DS9 episode where the station's security protocol engaged. The ops replicator made a phaser emitter that started shooting at them, presumably drawing power from the replicator itself. So I imagine the holoemitters more or less create crude phaser emitters out of the photonic matter and then pump energy into them remotely. Kind of an interesting strategy, the weapons wouldn't be meant for surviving long, as they would be dematerialized and then recreated the next time.

Makes me wonder what's actually 'inside' the photonic ships. Obviously the shape could be a 'simple' hologram, but I imagine at least some of the exterior is materialized photonic matter, like the normal holodeck stuff. Then somewhere inside is the basic 'equipment' or 'structures' it needs to take the energy from the emitters and create propulsive energy, collimated weapon beams, and shields. But nothing like you'd see in a real ship, probably.

If it were in the normal holodeck, I could imagine the objects might not have anything inside that's really functional, since the emitters could just simulate any function with lights and movement. But if this was the case with photonic fleet, the emitters might as well just materialize photonic explosions directly on the enemy. It's apparent that this probably isn't so, so it's more like the emitters focus on creating something holographic where the ships are, which then are used to project weapons at the enemy. At least it seems so to me.