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11-15-2010, 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Why do Startrek fans hate Startrek?
Star Trek fans do not hate star trek.
They hate not being the center of the story, the hero infact and all the plot armor that comes with it. They can not seem to get past the concept that in a MMO everybody is playing, not just fans of the federation.

Such is my opinion that some fans have held on too tightly to thier lives in Star Trek as a genre of scifi and (thanks to its carthidic role in their lives) can not get past the belief that they are the center of the ST universe. In a MMO such is not the case and one must share with other fans on the genre who may disagree and that in a MMO one faction need not hog all the attention. When such no longer is the case (as is here with the KDF getting some love) it may seem unbalancing.
In relations to the KDF, we have finally gotten some attention and it seems this is being used by some to cry fould where no foul has been played. The KDF have had some improvements made and some changes put into place that some feds feel is too much and rather than adjust to the change in circumstances or offer good resaonable fixes, they find it easier to complain and cry OP.