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11-15-2010, 09:44 AM
hmmm, why. i dont see any point in it. This is coming from a Fed only player. we need better tech not another ship to play alone in.

try this on for size

point defense systems
nanite torpedoes
inversion beams from the nebula using the tachyon beam
ability to alter photonic shock wave
statis bubble
biometric organic hulls: this should be added with the ablative armour program.

what the federation needs is new ideas. not to copy after the klingons. SO drum up some new ways to combat fighter squadrons. drum up something innovative fellow fed captains. think out of the box and stop being an instant gratification brat wanting a one track mind solution to combat something simple as a klingon carrier. The above items would nute all the klingon carreirs easily. I will be pushing for these new counter arguments rather then another ship to do only 1 function.