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11-15-2010, 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Actually, I am a bit surprised there's not a comic book, especially looking at some of the comic tie ins that do exist.

(Case in point, the Star Trek/G.I.Joe/Transformers/Ghostbusters vs. Zombies crossover.)

The closest we got was Cryptic-designed uniforms in the Countdown comic.
Like I said, Cryptic tends to be bad at capitalizing on merchandising opportunities. STO may be a more difficult beast than their other properties (craptons of legal wrangling to worry about, I'm sure), but if you look at City of Heroes/Villains you can see what I mean. They had a unique IP that they could've marketed any way they wanted, and the only merchandise they had for a long time was a grand total of two T-shirt designs, some mediocre comic tie-ins, and some Heroclix figures.

Cryptic just doesn't have the lobes for merchandise, I guess.

Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
Although you may be able to do it yourself using Cafepress now...
I've been thinking about doing just that. I'd like to find an artist to do a really nice drawing or rendering of a ship or two, then use CafePress to put it on a shirt or something. It's a shame I can't just go to the C-Store or something and do that.