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11-15-2010, 12:30 PM
I have to say this was my least favorite of all the weekly series missions.

I loved the slingshot maneuver to get back in time. That was cool, it could have been done a little better but still, it was a great start to the mission. I did not, however, like having to use a holo-emitter to make my ship look like a piece of crap Klingon vessel. Surely it would not have been that hard to give Federation players a Constitution class holo-emitter, and the Klingons a D7 one. That also would have made an excellent end of series reward... I'm sure I'm not the only one who would have loved a Constitution class holo-emitter for my ship.

I also did not like the concept of "set all weapons to stun and mow down the bar patrons". My plasma grenades do not have a "stun" option. I really like the concept of having to use non-lethal force in a situation, however that would have been the perfect opportunity to require us to "acquire" a TOS phaser that's set to stun. Then let us keep it too. How cool would it be to introduce mission "rewards" by letting us pick them up at the start and keep them when we're done rather than just handing them out at the end of the mission.

I really did not like the part with Scotty being my go to guy on Cassidy's liquor preferences. Scotty should have been involved with some kind of engineering miracle to help me deal with the comet, not giving me tips on how to get Cassidy "feelin' good". The whole "mix a drink" puzzle didn't fit the situation, there's a comet spewing triolic radiation threatening the very fabric of space and time and I'm worrying about what kind of glass Cassidy likes her drinks in? I would have rather just handed her one of my stun grenades and took what I needed.

Blowing up the comet was fine, not blowing up the Klingon ships made it interesting. It wasn't too bad leading them all to the far side of the station, then high tailing it back to the comet for a few good hits. But then the moment was completely ruined when Drake gets on the comm and informs me of some secret Borg device he installed, without my knowledge and completely oblivious to my chief engineer, that I can use to go back to the future. Why, exactly, didn't we use this at the start of the mission? And if my chief engineer couldn't notice something like installed in HER engineering room, she's fired.

I played all the Devidian missions on Elite. I understand that if you are on elite you and your entire team can be insta-killed if you are all within a certain proximity to the group. However, and maybe this was just my fault, I could not set up some decent angles where my BOs were spaced far enough apart to avoid all being one-shot killed at the same time. It felt very confined and took the fun out of figuring out the best way to attack the mobs, leading me just to zerg the last couple groups just to get it over with. If you're going to put one-shot kill enemies in the game, at least give us a map where we can fight them effectively in.

The irony here, the final boss was the easiest Devidian I fought since he never once did the insta-kill hold on me and my entire team. It was easy to position and flank around him and he went down the first time with no deaths. Hopefully someday Elite will mean more than just dealing with cheap shots and "making it even harder" is more than just a cluttered map to fight in.