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11-15-2010, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by Klingorion View Post
Have Starfleet engineering construct a gravity distortion satellite for ZY1035 counteracting the sun's gravitational pull on it. The small interuption(s) in gravity will throw the planetesimal out of the path of Earth's orbit around the sun.
I like your answer, mine is:

a subspace field generator produces a subspace distortion that is counterbalanced by subspace itself, so the actual subspace field is the resulting field of both. The impact of a subspace field is that any mass within the field partially "submerges" into subspace, allowing propulsion of a starship with less energy expense, for instance.
In addition

A number of subspace field generators placed around the planet as proposed by the genetically engineered individuals in DS9 would drastically alter the mass of the planet, (if the generators are strong enough) Thus given 50 years of a single tracktor beam would alter the course enough.

This is fun.

As for the possibility of life? Yes it is Wikipedia but this is science fiction after all. I get a lot of my ideas just surfing around wikipedia, clicking links.

I do like the group of Titan. Some of the outer moons would be an interesting staging point.