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11-15-2010, 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by USS Parallax
That's ridiculously ridiculous and bad writing. There's no way the likes of Geordi could miss it and no way nobody would notice..

It's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard.
Agreed... the whole story line for this last mission seemed pretty out of whack compared to what typically has been some really good writing. Part of me hopes that the real final episode will be released next week and this will be played off as a bad dream.

I can imagine it going like this..

me: "Oh wow, did I have a bad dream."

counselor: "Oh yeah, what was it?"

me: "First, I had to slingshot around a sun to go back in time. Then, for some reason I had to disguise the ship as a Klingon ship, yet I was in Federation territory. Then I was in this bar fight for some reason, and I saw Devidians there and, Montgomery Scott. For some reason I had to keep asking him what kind of drink this girl liked so she would give me a part he needed. It was crazy. After I got him his part, I had to fight more of the Devidians until I was back on my ship. Then there were Klingons who thought I was from the house of Duras for some reason and started attacking me the whole time I was trying to blow up this comet. Eventually I took care of it and then Franklin Drake of all people somehow contacted me, told me about some time travel device he secretly had installed and then zipped me back to the future."

counselor: "I think you need a vacation..." :p