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11-15-2010, 02:38 PM
Adding to the "NO"s.

Let's not get into making factions generic and going for a "ping pong" approach with one side has it so the other side must also or it's not balanced and etc.

Both factions must have some cool unique thing to make them worth playing.

The cloak was an alright move because it stayed within canon and not every fed ship got it, but getting a fed carrier just because the klingons have one would hurt the klingon faction and it would do nothing imo for the game other than make the two factions nothing more than almost exact copies of each other which would not be any fun either.

Giving a faction everything the other has would take away any reason to even make another faction.
If one has it all and could do it all then what would be the incentive to make any other playable faction or even play it?

Keep in mind, while it may be a carrier today, what would it be when the Romulans arrive and so forth?
We need to make some allowences for other factions to have things the others do not.

Let them keep the carrier, surely we could answer back with something else that is just as equally "cool" without killing a nice part of the klingon faction with it.