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11-16-2010, 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by Middlemore
If you're in a PUG and find yourself confronted with a premade, yes, it means the odds are likely to be stacked against you. But I find there are few greater joys in PvP in this game, than sucking it up, and taking that as a challenge to raise your game to their level - and then give them an unexpected bloody nose.

And let me tell you, for a premade, there are few things as humbling as getting beaten up by a PUG which just happened to consist of 5 very good individual players who chose to work together. It can and does happen.

Finally, it's downright ludicrous to tell premade players "you shouldn't be allowed to queue with you and your friends for any PvP match" you want, and expect us only to play other fleet premades all the time. It takes a level of organisation and scheduling to set up decent fleet vs. fleet matches, and it simply cannot be done constantly.

Premade PvPers tend to be voracious in their appetite for PvP - they want to do it nearly all the time they're logged in. Fleets will have PvP groups running all through primetime, with people dropping in and out as they come and go on- and off-line. You cannot set up enough premade vs. premade matches to feed that appetite. And moreover, sometimes, as much of a joy as the challenge of another good premade is (win or lose), you just want a nice bit of casual, mindless pew-pew. The queues are perfect for that.

So, sometimes, they're just bored, in no particular mood for the epic challenge of another premade (a match like that can also take an extraordinarily long time to complete between two evenly matched teams, so much so you end up with RSI by the end). It's their right to go into the queues looking for some quick, easy wins against PUGs (which also serves to keep them in practice for the premade matches).

Sorry that you sometimes end up serving as their target practice; but you can't demand they not fight you, that's why it's consensual PvP. You enter a PvP queue, you conset to being viciously ganked by whatever horrible premade may be out there. You don't get to choose your opponent and say "This guy/these guys are too hard for me, I don't want to have to fight them."

Fight them, try your best to beat them, and most of all, learn from the beatings they give you. Then, one day, you'll have your revenge.

TL;DR - Carebears are valid free meals for premades. Suck it up.
I don't have any problem with a premade jumping in for a match or two every now and then. The thing I have a problem with is when they are trolling the PVP queue for hours at a time with a full 5-man. Hell, I roll with at least two friends on Vent at all times when playing PVP, and I think we're all good (though not top-level good) players, and I've run into a few premades where there was absolutely no chance of winning. Having our only focused healer chain-stunned until his death approximately 5 seconds later and then being picked off is about as fun as smacking myself in the head with a hammer.

I understand wanting to play with your friends. I also understand having a great appetite for pvp. But at a certain point, squatting on the queue with a full premade crosses the line into griefing. I'll give it the college try a couple of times, but after that, you can expect some passive resistance from me and mine.