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11-16-2010, 10:39 AM
At an absolute minimum we need an auto-team function in PvP. It would also be nice if there was an easy way for players to flag targets to allow for much easier PUG communication. A big colored circle would be just fine.

I'd like to see a handicap system as well that can be set by a premade to give PUGs they encounter a buff. Something like the Normal / Advanced / Elite mission settings, togglable by the team leader, which provide a buff to hull, shields, and damage output for the opposing team.

I'd also like to see a feature where the PvP system will not place you in a match if someone on your ignore list is in that match. This is an easy way for casual players to simply ignore members of hardcore PvP fleets and not need to worry about facing them. There is a wonderful risk, too, in that if someone ignores too many people they won't be able to play. I like it as a way to help the community police itself and players determine what skill level they're willing to compete against.