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11-16-2010, 11:45 AM
For every advantage the Klingon Player has, the Federation Player has a counter available to them.

Battle cloak?

No problem. Science Officers have many innate abilities meant to help detect, or even force Klingons out of cloak, such as sensor scan.

Tachyon Detection Grid can help your entire team detect cloaked vessels.

Plus, simply running higher AUX setting will help anyone to detect a cloaked vessel.

Mines, and other AOE abilities such as Torpedo Spread, CPB, EWP, and others will hit a cloaked vessel and do some damage to them without even being able to target them.


As has been mentioned many times, Beam Array: Fire at Will, Cannon: Scatter Volley, Eject Warp Plasma, and others are all great abilities to limit a carriers effectiveness.

Klingons are far away from being the unstoppable powerhouse that many of you seem to think they are. I know this because I play a Klingon, and I can tell you I lose more matches than I win.

If you're having trouble facing off against Klingons, try asking a Klingon how to beat them. Almost every single one of them will tell you what your team needs to do in order to counter anything they do. However, PvP is a team based game.

If you actually expect to run into a PvP match, not work with your teammates, and still be able to faceroll your keyboard for the win, it's time to wake up and smell the disruptor burns.

It's almost always going to be the better organized team that wins. Space combat in STO is a very tactical game. It requires strategy, skill, and a knowledge of how different skills interact.

Focus your teams fire on one opponent. If that one opponent isn't going down, figure out why, and eliminate the problem.

If your team doesn't have someone providing support to the rest of the team, why not?

If you're a team of 5 escorts and can't take down a couple of carriers, there's a problem, and I bet you're not focusing your firepower.

If you're a team of 5 Cruisers and can't keep your team alive, maybe one or two of you needs to be doing some support?

5 Science vessels? You guys better be rocking some serious debuffs, as well as supporting each other if you want to win.

Got 5 BoPs together in a match? If you're not focus firing and using hit and run tactics, my bet is on the Feds.

Every power in this game has a counter. Almost everyone in the PvP Community wants to help you learn how to succeed in PvP. That means they'll tell you their tips and tricks, including what works to stop what they do. Try listening to what they have to say, and take their position into account. Don't just assume that since the other team has battle cloak that this one ability is why you keep losing.

I'm telling you right now, cloak, and battle cloak have their uses. But if your entire team isn't working together, and know how to use that ability, it becomes a hindrance, not an advantage.

Same thing with the carrier swarm.

Both of these can also be easily countered by readily available skills as well.