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11-17-2010, 05:18 AM
imo the excelsior should never be as capable as the sovereign, due to starfleet tech progression.

as far as the whole "battleship" thing goes, even when they have built ships like the defiant, they were only intended for defence (keeping the fed safe from borg attacks), not attack.

Something else that i would point out (im sure someone has already though) that while the federation and starfleet are set on exploring the galaxy, not conquering it, their neighbours aren't. the klingons, the romulans etc all pose a threat to the federation, and for such a big organisation defence has to be something taken very seriously, hence the kind of weapons they've developed. they have to be able to show that, as sisko said, they "can and will defend themselves".

calling the defiant a "warship" is a sadly vague term that gets thrown around way too much (even in trek) imo.