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11-17-2010, 08:01 AM
I always kind of wished that ships leveled. It wouldn't make complete sense though...but would be cool from a gameplay point of view.

Similar to how certain items "level" with you, I thought it'd be cool that the longer you flew a specific ship, the better it would become. So by the time you were ready to take a new tier of ship, you could either choose to continue to level your old ship, or pick up the new tier. The new tier would be at the same level as the leveled up old ship. So if a person decided to level an old ship, they wouldn't be penalized or be FORCED to take a new ship.

Hull, Energy, Consoles, BO layouts would all increase on your ships as you raised your level. Of course, the problem would be is that a person in a TOS Connie would be able to take on a Sovvie. But that's already happening with "refits" of old ships. So why not? I for one would love to take a TOS Connie to the highest level and still be able to kick @.