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11-17-2010, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by bradley1701 View Post
I'm not sure if others have posted their frustration about this, but I am going to.

Considering Enterprise was by far the least successful series of the Trek franchise, I cannot believe that we are getting an entire pack coming up that involves an NX ship, uniforms, etc. all while fans of other series like TOS, TNG, etc. wait for c-store items from those eras to trickle in little bits or that we get rare items (like the TOS handphaser from the latest episode).

What about a pack involving more TOS stuff, like tricorder, communicator, etc. Or a TNG style lab coat, Dr. Pulaski's style of medical uniform, or Chief O'Brien's rolled up sleeves uni from DS9? Or a Klingon sash for our Fed klinks and klink boffs? TNG style away equipment? How about finally updating the Trek II-VI uniforms so they display different ranks?

I know that we already have bits and pieces from the other series (especially uniforms) but that is all it is...bits and pieces. Why not finish off the other eras and make adjustments to what we have now before doing an entire pack on Enterprise stuff?

That's all
You should search the threads next time. There is a 25 page discussion on this same topic already that you could've added to. I do agree with you about the need to update the other uniforms with ranks, but I think new content is a priority over that. Just cause I don't like a specific era of Trek, I don't expect Cryptic to pander to my very specific individual tastes. Enterprise fans don't even have bits or pieces. There are more players than you and me out there, they cant do everything at once.