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11-17-2010, 11:17 AM
Hi i hope this is the correct section for suggestions and i have no idea if it has already suggested but i was wondering if anyone has ever looked into being able to change the red alert sound to different ones that have been heard throughout the star trek series?

You could change your red alert tone in the "cutomise your ship" area on the earth space dock and it would cost you in game credits as it does to swap your nacelles etc. I am sure everyone is familiar with the different red alerts we have heard in the past but for an example we could have

1. Standard TNG Ent D red alert
2. Ent D Generations red alert
3. Defiant red alert
4. Voyager red alert
5. DS9 red alert

maybe even through in a blue alert tone for whatever situation that may arise

just an idea i am sure you guys at cryptic could make it happen