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# 1 Came back seeing new changes
11-17-2010, 02:40 PM
OMG there may be hope. Without going over individual items, the 'general' play and feel of the game has improved very much. I see more than two Klingons on at once, that is nice. I've been able to get into Klingon PvP and have fun. That's good. Good job Cryptic. Whataver balance issues I was having trouble working through seem to have been leveled out.

About bridge officers .... wtheck happened to that? I get that power were reset. What I don't get is how to work on the system now I can see I can still train my own class of officer to III , but all my stocked off-class III's were changed downwards. I was trying to go through patch notes but without a dates I gave up. What is the path to working with BO's now?

EDIT : OH wait , somewhere the ATI bugs were fixed. Thanks. That was a gamestopped.

EDIT : I'm guessing MG6 is the new max, huh?