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Here is my wishlist of costume editor improvements:

1. More random options. In one other MMORPG I've played (there may be others), you had the option to lock down your choices, and randomize everything else. For example, I want this goatee, but randomize everything else. I am not very creative, so I loved this option. Also, with uniforms, I would like to have the option of randomizing colours. Right now, it just sticks to the default colours, randomizing only the parts. Again, because of my lack of creativity, I can't create all those awesome-looking uniforms I see running around, but random colours could help.

2. Built in canon colours. Blackavaar has done a great job with his guide, but I would like to see this built into the game. With the click of a button, my character is wearing a TNG series uniform, complete with canon shirt, pants, boots, combadge, rank, and colours, including the canon colour for his class. Also, this should not be limited to uniforms, but could be applied to off-duty costumes as well. I know there are no canon colours for the off-duty costumes, but clicking the button could apply for a costume set. For example, mercenary shirt, pants, boots, and one of each of left arm, right arm, and belt.

3. Save/load. Great option, but it saves the whole character. I would like the option to save just the uniform. (I know this one has been asked for before, but it's on my wishlist, so I'm including it here.)

Thanks for reading!