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11-17-2010, 07:38 PM
I just recently changed builds and dropped a low copy of Beta for Delta to add just a little damage resistance to myself when I need to and was pleasantly suprised to see how efficient Delta can be used because of its ability to be cast on freindlies... at first I would cast it on people on mistake and get irritated. But hey its a nice damage resitance to cast on to your targets target keeping your buddie alive and tossing the debuff to the enemy your about to nuke. Its great utility AP that I use when APOII is down.

For me Beta is definately better for a gank (for the initial alpha), but Delta is an attack pattern I've learned to love as it can help save you or your buddie, and make sure your enemy dies all at the same time. Another reason I like it so much is that I never run HE or PH and I don't use armor consoles... haha.