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I run a fed cruiser and loose to none more often then naught.
I run a science vessel and win to none..... more often then naught. But I look sexy with my tracotr beams blazing and my epic beard.
I run an escort and cry because Feds do not use teamwork on a regualr basis.

I am not looking for fleet banks or access to your banks....
You can keep me at the lowest rank and never give me any bank priviledges.

What I am looking for is active players who do STF's / pvp regularly and are good at i am darn spiffy

Not looking for a guild with children or drama either.

If I want drama I will watch TNT ...They know Drama....
I do watch Law and Order UK..I just love the wigs.......

I am not known for this is a limted time offer.......I may change my mind.

(waves to GreatMaker)