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Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
BTSS is an indirect resist debuff, in that the only way it decreases resistance is by lowering shield power. Shield tanks like me will have chained EPtS in order to maintain huge shield power all the time (as well as repair facings and the subsystem when needed). BTTS is weak sause against shield tanks, it's only really good against people with low shield power.

Tachyon beam is a sucky skill that nobody uses.

CPB is a very nice skill, but it still does not lower resistance. I do believe it ignores resistance for the amount of shields it takes off, but by itself it's not a cure for shield tanking.

BeamTarget shields does more!!

it reduces the shieldpowersetting, reduces ALL shield-healing-effects!! it drops the shieldfacing you are firing at. the higher the Level of this skill, the higher the chance to complete drop all shieldfacings. for example BTS3 has 40% chance to complete drop the shield... and you can boost up the negative effect, by skill Starship Sensors/SensorArray... so on escort, my BTS3 does -76 to the Shieldpowersetting (and even the neagtive shieldhealing effect rises up, i dont know the number atm, but i think its about -300) so now you can maybe imgagine what this does to an escort or a shieldtank....and even against a cruiser. so maybe you keep your shields up by using EP2S but the debuff will stay on you with all negative effetcs, but only an Eng-Team will completly remove the complete debuff. Then EP2S (or shieldbattery) only negates the shielddrop, not the other effects.

and even the negative shieldheal effect, rises with boosting Sensor/Sensorarray... so, the easiest way to see it:
- got to shipyard on SOL
- buy for Explobadges 5th order 2x Sci consoles with +Sensorarray
- go to BO-Skilltrainer, train your Tac-BO the Lt.-Skill "Beam Target Shields 2"
- skill it to 9
- go to SOL-Space (undock)
- activate the BTS2
- mouseover one of your beams
- their you read:
next Attack do -xx to target shieldpowersetting,
lowers shieldhealing effects by -xyz
has a chance of dropping all shields of 30%

And now put in one of the Sensorarrayconsoles... then one more time mousover, put in the second, mouseover again. Every time you boost your Sensorarray-Skill, the negativ effect you deal to shieldheals and shieldenergy goes up.

And so you are wrong, when you say there is no real shielddebuff... the same basics counts for the other BeamTarget SubSystem skills...

For example:
- you have 75 Shieldenergy
- i hit you with BTS 3.. that in my case does -76 to your shieldenergy and -300 to shieldhealeffects
- you have ZERO = 0 shieldpower (you see it, while the energy-system has a red number).
- you take EP2S Level 1... ist does, lets say +30 to shieldpower, and 1400 Shieldhealing
- now it only gives you +29 (your shieldenergy dont go back to 75!! it will go to 29, as long as BTS3 is on you)
- and the healeffect of EP2S Level 1 is not 1400, its 1100 ...
- the only thing what happens is, that a dropped shieldfacing or the entire shield comes back online (if the dropeffect was working)
- or you use TransferShieldStrength 1 that gives you an initial shieldheal of +280 and +100 every second, this shieldheal will do nothing, because the debuff says: -300 to all shieldheals

And you say that is not a good way to deal with a cruiser-pilot??